Times for Bre-Ghan 5 Miler

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Marriage is like running the Bre-Ghan 5 Mile; it has its ups, it has its downs, but as it goes on it only gets better!

Wishing Breda & Eoghan all the very best for their upcoming wedding.

A massive thank you to the marshals, instructors; Bres, Eamonn & Lee, Pat & everyone who came along to support & help out.

Well done everyone, brilliant running.

First 3 Girls:
1. Andrea McGuinness 34:08
2. Breda Reynolds 35:38
3. Emer Monaghan 37:35

First 3 Lads:
1. Paul O’Donnell 30:22
2. Paul Allen 31:47
3. Declan Bagnall 31:48

Girls Times
AR 38:16
CD 39:38
CM 40:57
FM 41:54
AG 42:33
SS 43:21
BL 43:22
GMC 43:36
CM 45:18
LG 45:19
AC 46:58
AH 47:18
CG 48:59
LM 49:47
AMOG 59:17

Lads Times
BM 32:19
SN 33:10
JR 34:39
LD 34:47
EOC 35:00
MC 36:25
JB 36:43
DK 39:35
DF 40:34
EB 40:39
CMCG 42:20
BC 42:30
GB 43:02
DR 46:40
DMCD 57:05

Love on the Run – What a morning!

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Great sporting moments can be personal achievements or triumphs or as a spectator you know you are witnessing something special.
All those boxes were ticked at the Meath Fitness ‘Love On The Run’ race on a gruelling 5K course over the HIll oF Skryne on Valentine’s morning.

The most popular finisher yesterday was Dara McDonagh, a man who 12 months ago was in the The National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire who is now back taking part in competitions. There were those who had just completed their first ever 5K race and at the very competitive end of the field it was a morning when Derek Hackett comes good and was a popular winner as he saw off all challengers to win in Skryne for the first time. A very impressive performance by Emer Monaghan saw her take the ladies race.

If your new year’s resolution to get fit and be more active is starting to slip or you have ambitions to take part in events like Gaelforce West then it is well worth joining up with the Meath Fitness gang who run sessions all over Meath and will help you achieve your goal. By Tom Bannon Photos